The Surprisingly Simple Countdown Timer

Need a countdown timer for a specific duration of time? Maybe you want to boil your eggs for exactly 4 minutes, do squats for 45 seconds of meditate for 20 minutes. You need a way to count the time remaining until the activity is over. This timer is extremely simple, but for certain cases it may be all you need.

Simply choose an amount of time, then start the countdown. All the other content on the page will fade away and your simple, distraction-free countdown timer will fill the screen. As you would expect, you can pause or cancel the timer at any time. That's it, no bells or wistles, no advertising, no nonsense!

While I indend to keep the simple feel of this countdown timer, I will be adding some features to make it more useful. I'll take the time to add the additional features thoughtfully, in a way that won't feel complicated or cluttered. I have some features in mind but would love to hear your suggestions. Here's a sneak-peek of what I have planned:

  • Play a sound when the countdown ends
  • Send an email or text message when the time is up
  • Display your countdown on multiple computers, with the timer synced between them
  • Remote-control your countdown timer from your phone

I know, I know, there are a lot of other countdown timers already available, so why am I building another one? For years my website has focussed on what I call "countdown clocks", devices that count down to a specific date. I found that increasingly, people were discovering my website when they were actually looking for a way to count down a specific time duration, rather than to a specific date.

Counting down to a date vs an amount of time are quite different requirements, but there's a lot of confusion as to what to call each thing. Hence, when people search online for these sort of tools, it's not always clear which they are looking for. For now I am using the term "clock" for counting down to a date, and "timer" for counting down an amount of time. I decided to begin offering both tools on my website, so that regardless of which type of countdown people needed, they could find what they wanted.