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Mobile-friendly countdown clocks

Mobile friendly countdown clock

Mobile web browsing has exploded - if you run a website you may find that more than half your visitors are using smartphones or tablets. Our countdown clocks use mobile friendly code and run very little code on the user's device meaning they won't slow down or otherwise interfere with the user experience. We go beyond mobile-friendly by auto-generating a double-resolution version of your countdown to take advantage of Retina®, and other high-resolution displays that are common on many of today's most popular devices.

You wouldn't put just any code into your website. Invalid or incompatible code can break the layout of your web page or display error messages to your visitors. Worse than that, malicious JavaScript code can jeopordize your visitor's security and privacy.

We have two layers of protection built into our countdown clocks. Firstly, the code we issue is contained in an iframe, the browser's same-origin policy prevents the iframe content from accessing code in your page, effectivly isolating our code from your website's code. Secondly we serve all our countdowns over an encrypted connection, this prevents hackers from altering the countdown before it loads into your page.

Security for you and your visitors

Countdown clock security

Pre-rendered to pixel-perfection by OS X®

Countdown clock renderers

We want your countdown clock to look great, always. Every browser and operating system displays web content a little differently though. Assuming that every browser will render our countdowns with the antialiasing-level, font leading and kerning and effect compositing we want was unthinkable. That's why all our countdowns are pre-rendered by our team of Mac® OS X® servers so they look just right. We then cache the rendered countdowns at edge locations all over the world so the can be delivered to your visitor, fast.

Page load time is an important factor in visitor satisfaction as well as in search engine ranking algorithms. Be careful when using third party widgets as some of them contain blocking JavaScript code or large files which can negatively impact page load times. Because our countdowns are pre-rendered the code download is very small. We also use edge caching strategies to deliver your countdowns from the location nearest to each user. When we do need to load content from the main server we use sophisticated in-memory caching to pull the data directly from RAM which is faster than reading from a hard disc.

Fast page loads

Countdown fast page loads

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