Countdown Clocks for Event Promotion

Countdown clocks for websites are timers that digitally countdown the days, minutes, hours, seconds and even milliseconds until the date and time of your choosing. They can be found at websites such as and are embedded in your html to produce a very cool effect.

There are all kinds of applications for a countdown clock:
• A wedding
• A birthday
• An anniversary
• A graduation
• Baby due date
• Vacation date
• Retirement
• Days until Christmas

The list could go on and on, but perhaps one of the best applications for a countdown clock is for an event promotion. What better way to create hype, promote your upcoming event and have fun while you’re waiting? Countdown clocks are completely customizable with the name of your event, the date, and the time. You can choose from over 200 text colors, over 200 background colors, and four different sizes. Layouts are customizable as well, so you can slot your countdown clock in to an empty space on your webpage that is just crying out for a little color and attention.

The possibilities for event promotion with a countdown clock are endless. Count down the time for anything from a sale, to a concert date, to a product launch. The main thing is to get your customers excited about it! What about a mystery count down? They won’t even know what they’re waiting for, which will create even more buzz. Move the countdown clock around your website and you’ll have visitors hunting while visiting your pages at the same time.

The countdown clock widgets from will serve as a reminder to your customers that the event is coming up. It’s hard to ignore when you can see right down to the last second how much time you have to prepare, or to wait for the big event! The fact that a visitor will know that lots of other people are waiting for the same thing will get them even more excited, get them talking about it, and promote your event all the more.

With a stylish countdown clock you will show your visitors that you mean business and that your event is so exciting, and so important, it needs its own countdown timer to keep an eye on things. Promote your event, create hype, and sit back and listen to the buzz.